Carrara, Island and Metaphor

....One of Luigi Biagini's great merits is to have accurately recorded the date and the place of each of his past quarry images.
By returning wherever it was still possible to the places he had photographed years before, we are in a much better position to judge what was happened to the landscape over the last twenty years.
Our aim is to emphasize the photographer's original political and social role as both witness and documentary artist.
This project is extremely importantin a socity which seems to thrive on ever increasing sensationalism.
If we want to protect our landscape and environment, we need people like Luigi Biagini, who understand the importance of images and image making.....

Dominique Stroobant
Contemporary art Sculptor, photographer
Miseglia, Carrara, September 1997 

Introduction to the book "The Skin of the Mountain", ed..1998